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20 years experience counseling children, adolescents, adults and families
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Casey's Clubhouse Summer Camp
For more information on Casey's Clubhouse, please visit the Casey's Clubhouse website.

Information for Parents:
In Casey's Clubhouse Summer Camp, we strive to teach your children social skills that help them feel confident in social situations. We encourage them to use their skills to make friends and connect. It's important that we respect the personality of our children and don't impose social expectations, however, all children benefit from healthy social skills. Our goal is to help your children learn the social skills that they lack, and enhance and encourage the social skills they demonstrate. Casey's Clubhouse programs (Camp and Club) depend greatly on parent involvement. Parents can contribute to program impact by reviewing the skills we learn and reinforcing them at home. We encourage parents to play games with their children, ask their children to teach them what they've learned, and give their children positive feedback on the skills they've learned.
Casey's Clubhouse Summer Camp Week in Review:
Each day we will focus on managing our energy. Kids will learn about 'Just Right' energy and how to calm or increase one's energy to fit the situation. Practicing energy regulation daily reinforces the skills and is a powerful influence in children's lives.
Our daily schedule:
1. Greeting and Gong (we ring in using a gong!)
2. Check-in
3. Energy Regulation
4. Lesson
5. Game or craft that reinforces the lesson
6. Snack and Chat! (This is an opportunity for kids to interact!)
7. Lesson
8. Activity that reinforces the lesson
9. Count tokens (They receive tokens for healthy social behavior)
10. Gong out
Day 1
Skill 1-Qualities of Friendship: Children will brainstorm what makes a good friend and then assess their skills and determine what skills they need to work on.

Skill 2-Motivation: Kids will determine their own motivation to make and keep friends. What holds them back from making friends? What fears do they have when making friends? Kids will work on a pro and con list and be individually challenged to face their fears and take risks with their new friends in the camp.

Day 2
Skill 3-Breaking the Ice: Knowing how to approach others and knowing what to say in order to get a conversation or play started are important aspects of social competency. For many children, it takes great courage to approach people and for others their enthusiasm gets in the way of being included. Casey's Clubhouse Summer Camp's kids will learn how to invite themselves into a game through role-playing and interaction.

Skill 4-Welcoming Friendship: Once a child understands how to break the ice gracefully, they need to know how to continue friendship by knowing how to behave once an interaction begins. Casey's Clubhouse Summer Camp's kids will learn how to have a back and forth conversation and the essential skills of peaceful play.

Day 3
Skill 5-Understanding Our Emotions: Campers will learn how to recognize their feelings when they play and interact with other children. They will learn the skill of self-talk and calming techniques that will aid in friendship if not in all aspects of their lives.

Skill 6-Self-Regulation: Campers will learn how to read and respond to their friends' feelings, words, and behaviors by using empathy and compassion. Kids will role-play responding to emotions in others.

Day 4
Skill 7-Playing Fair: Kids will brainstorms different ideas on playing fairly with others. Then they will practice those skills through playing games and interacting while group leaders assist in redirecting unfair behavior and reinforcing fair behavior.

Skill 8-Sharing, Flexibility, IT'S MONKEY! Kids will discuss and related when it is important to share and when it is important to have boundaries. Also, we will learn when to be flexible and when to stand up for one's self. We will also review a technique for flexibility called the "It's Monkey" scale.

Day 5
Skill 9-Conflict Resolution, Bullying, and Mean Behavior: Members will learn how resolve problems and to identify bullying. They will practice how to create win-win solutions with friends as well as how to assert themselves. They will practice through role-playing safe but firm ways to dissuade aggressive behavior. They will learn and practice eye contact, body posture, and how to use their voice to create peaceful resolutions. They will also identify when they should ask for help from an adult.

Skill 10-Self-Esteem: Members will identify what makes them special, how to value themselves as individuals and as good friends to others. They will work on giving compliments and take a 'compliments shield' home. They will assess their progress throughout the week.

Snacks and materials are provided.
Information to Share with Your Kids:
Hey kids! Come join us for The Perfect 10! A camp where 10 kids will have the opportunity to make 9 new friends! We'll play games together, do crafts together, and learn together! Each day we will feature a physical activity that will be fun to do with your new friends. Example: Movement, Art Therapy, Martial Arts, Yoga, Music etc.

The Perfect Ten: Making Friends Can Be As Easy As 1, 2, 3!
Laura Doerflinger, MS, LHMC
Leslie Fields, M.Ed., LMHC

Laura Doerflinger Schneider, MS, LMHC
8752 122nd Ave. NE
Kirkland, WA 98033